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Quoting Clovis
2004-2007 (p1)
Date   Title   Source  
2004   Egypt seen Tactily Retracting its 'Untimely' Initiative   The Daily Star (A39)  
2004 Feb 06   Iraq: UN hopes to break deadlock.....   Radio Free Euope (S220)  
2004 Dec 18   Arabs must share blame   Asian Age (S221)  
2005 Jan 04   Arab Gaze   Times of India (S222)  
2005 March 24   Arab Steps on Democracy faulted as Cosmetic in Draft UN Report   Bloomberg (A98)  
2005 Aug 22   لم نحدد هويتنا كعرب   Liwaa (B327)  
2006 Feb 24   Conflicting Ideas of Secularism Cloud "Ideal" of Secular Democracy in Middle East, Panelists Say   Virginia Law (B329)  
2007 March 13   Prevent Political Holocaust in West Asia   The Hindu (S211)  
2007 March 13   Excerpts from Prof Maksod's lecture to the Indo-Arab Society...   (A73)  
2007 Sep 12   مع دكتور كلوفيس مقصود.. دردشة قبيل السفر   Jalaya Newspaper (B378)  
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